The Diamond Family Archive:
Would i were a swift (or a skylark be)

Recorded and produced over a period of a year in a converted garden shed in rural Devon and compiled from improvised sessions, studio outtakes and live recordings, WOULD I WERE A SWIFT (OR A SKYLARK BE) is a full length album from THE DIAMOND FAMILY ARCHIVE.

Personal and pastoral themes are mixed with sleepy-eyed awe to create sparse, fluttering and elegiac arrangements as well as dense, layered soundscapes. The sounds of the rain, the old mill leat outside the door and the ever present ominous rookery in the nearby slate quarry all make it onto the recordings too.

WOULD I WERE A SWIFT (OR A SKYLARK BE) was originally a limited edition, vinyl only release with a handmade booklet, unique photograph, ephemera and trinkets.