the garden prod. himalia

Made in Brum – moulded in Manny; Ceeow burst onto the scene in 2015 via the hip-hop/electronic 4-piece A Broken Camarilla, flaunting quick-witted wordplay, flamboyant flows and a distinctly unique singing voice to match. Since flying solo, adding more colours to his pallet as he soared, Ceeow’s endeavours have led to countless fruitful collaborations, a superb debut solo EP, the acquisition of a live band and now a brilliantly rounded debut album – The Garden

10 delightful tracks lie within, produced by his partner in crime Himalia, integrating elements of hip-hop, trap, neo-soul & R&B, with a heavy helping of that secret Ceeow ingredient that renders an unparalleled vibe rippling throughout. Unlike his previous EP, The Garden is peppered with an exciting array of featuring artists; very much an inclusive project of upcoming talent grafting together in true Manchester fashion.

Whilst good music is in the ear of the beholder, a universal element of The Garden is how the most basic of objects or entities are used to symbolise a deeper notion for everyone to relate to individually; from orange juice to flavoured liquor. Top this with clever double meanings expressed through scatters of pop culture references and the result is an innovatively concocted piece of work keeping you smiling from start to finish.

In a kind of selfless appreciation for his peers, this project feels like a curation for the scene as much as Ceeow’s debut solo album, reflected in the wealth of artists he invites into The Garden to share in its produce; an inspiration for up and coming vocalists trying to breakthrough in Manchester’s thriving underground scene and beyond. 

Ceeow The garden