Since 2010 Oliver Edgecombe had worked with a number of labels in his career as DJ/producer ‘Cottonmouth’. The moniker stemming from his heady days as a skater and general slacker. He had secured multiple international and national radio plays with BBC R1, BBCR1xtra, Asian Network, Brooklyn Radio, Rinse FM and a host of other stations and blogs which included Data Transmission, UK Music Review and IDJ Magazine. Whilst not wanting to admit it at the time, one of the driving forces for Cottonmouth, as well his own tenacity, was the support from Ben at Bermuda based Permanent Damage Records (PDR).

Whilst Olly enjoyed making music, he is also a natural communicator and networker so after Ben had released some Cottonmouth tunes and helped book a Canadian, US and Australian Tour through his label PDR, the logical next step for Olly seemed to be setting up his own label. So after a year of working and travelling in Australia and Tasmania, Olly returned home and started Pegdoll.