Two years after self-releasing his debut album Luxe Print, multi-instrumentalist and composer Josh Skerritt returns under his Miteh moniker on UK’s Pegdoll Records with the
follow-up record, Kinema. Kinema finds the producer in a more introspective mood than his previous work, with
instrumental tracks like “Bloodline” and “Elliot Lake” building tension and suspense for songs like “Heartbleed,” a surefire favourite with a constantly building climax and elegant lyrics.

Based in Hamilton, Ontario, Miteh blends his performances on piano, guitar, bass and other instruments with creative studio production and unusual time signatures for a sound that is positively his own. Miteh has previously gained regular rotation on Canadian radio and had his work featured on the television programs Friday Night Tykes and Catfish the Show.

“I’m a lifelong Hamiltonian and appreciate everything about living here – the good and the bad. I try to reflect feelings of darkness and light in my music and hope people can relate,”
says Skerritt. “This city produces so much talent, and people across the country are starting to really recognize that.”

Pegdoll Records is quickly becoming one of the UK’s most innovative labels with its artists scoring regular radio play on BBC1 and placements on TV shows including CBS’ Elementary and Starz Network’s Power.

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