jade parker:
lead me astray

Pegdoll welcomes Jade Parker with her debut EP Lead Me Astray. Already known to some through her work with Himalia, we are pleased to announce that Jade is now releasing music in her own right. 

An EP borne through experience of a transient lifestyle whilst travelling between Manchester and Leeds, alongside the challenge of completing a degree and carving a career in live events became the motivation for Lead Me Astray. Having to focus and embrace creativity whilst utilising the distractions of life became the catalyst that underpinned this three track release. 

Lead Me Astray highlights Jade’s unique vocal ability, but also her carefully crafted production skills. Developing her own style with inspiration from Jessy Lanza and Burial, Jade Parker has an uncanny ability to use space, measured tempo and flawless sonics. The lead track Closer corroborates the experience of being lost whilst trying to find existence in the world. 

Along with Maschine, granular synthesis, soundscape effects in conjunction with her own vocal samples, Jade ensured a maintained focus whilst recording in her bedroom studio and reflecting upon the future when travelling between cities.

Jade Parker Lead Me Astray