mirror signal:
herculean task

Fronting with a stage name rich in metaphoric subtleties, Steven Barker from Suffolk has already had success in steering tastemaker traffic towards his musical moniker, Mirror Signal. Debuting two years ago with his bedroomcomposed EP called Broken Soldier, the singer/songwriter/producer has supported the likes of Jess Glynne, Jamie Cullum and John Newman – to name a few. BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens and Radio 6’s Gilles Peterson also champion Barker; all the above makes introducing his latest project easy. Presenting 
Mirror Signal’s second EP: Herculean Task. 

The four-track project not only splays Barker’s vocally soulful smoothness; it is laden with his wondrous productions, consisting of sharp keys and a crescendo of droning synths, which can be heard in the EP’s lead single “All Along”. 

Thematically woven, the tracks sew together various threads of love, within which Mirror Signal’s pure lyricism shines as a focal feature. Barker creates ambience as he paints the poetry in his mind. In “One Day” he talks about disappearing ‘like a dandelion disintegrates in the breeze’ – the song from which the EP gets its title, opening with the line: ‘What’s this Herculean Task that you ask of me?’ 

It comes as no surprise that Mirror Signal has already performed at an array of festivals in the past, with Leeds, Reading and Isle of Wight being the big names amongst them. Herculean Task is a beautiful piece of art that justifies the support Barker has already received from the industry. After much anticipation for the project’s release, Herculean Task is without doubt an EP worth keeping an eye out for this summer. 

Mirror Signal Herculean Task