Himalia is a UK based multi instrumentalist musician and
producer who explores smooth, melodic sounds whilst retaining a deep, dark, expansive and resonant feel to his compositions. ‘Distances’ is the debut album release from
Himalia who has previously released on Medschool, Boomting and Planet Acetate.

‘Kingdom’ is the first single from the Album ‘Distances’ released on Pegdoll Records. A downtempo experimental rhythm track leads ‘Kingdom’ to perfectly mesh with the
fascinating vocals of Sakima.

Sakima’s previous release has been featured on the Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1, show. His vocal talent on ‘Kingdom’ shines through and goes perfectly with Himalias production, There are a number of notable tracks on the ‘Distances’ album. Himalia has collaborated with vocalists Laurelle on ‘If’, who has previously released on Jakwob’s Boomting label and Chicagoan Alex Jordahl on the track ‘Love Like A Drug’ resulting in an album which has depth and balance.

The tempo increases on ‘Falling’ whilst retaining a haunting downtempo style and ‘Drowning’ was written as a nod towards the TV show ‘Breaking Bad’.