This collection of tracks are some that I made whilst on my travels through Cambodia, Thailand and Melbourne. 

Some of the tracks include sound clips from places we went and experiences we had. Just like little documentation of certain situations we came across whilst on our travels. 

I’ve been sat on so much music since travelling, I’ve finally gotten round to organising and I thought I would put these tracks up as I already have my next 2 releases lined up, forthcoming over the next few months. 

I know some of these tracks aren’t the best quality but that’s what makes them raw and kinda cool as they represent where I was and what I was doing at the time. 

Keep your eyes peeled for my “Never Stop EP” forthcoming on Pegdoll in the next few weeks and also my project with Serenity Uki forthcoming 2019. 

Got so much to look forward to as moving to Melbourne has made me so inspired, not only as what I’ve been through in the country has been tough but I feel I’ve finally got where I need to be. AND IT’S WORKING. 

Hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed making and collecting these snippets of life. 

Peace x

Himalia Destinations EP Artwork