The diamond family archive:
black autumn


Black Autumn is a miss saying of the village named Blackawton, which is down the road from where I live. 

To us, the album feels like part of a trilogy, with Swift and Ye Poor & Maimed as the other two. Parts of it were recorded during those sessions, some parts were recorded and rerecorded right up to the last minute. 

The Opposite Of Blind has been up on the desk so many times in the last few years. Every few months moving things around, adding and subtracting tracks then putting it away knowing we’d return as we’d always wanted it for an album. The track has a great initial take of one mic over the kit and one mic on an old pump organ being driven through a load of effects and an old Wem amp. The pump organ is from 1880 and originated from New York. It spent it’s life in Moreleigh church, another devon village, until my wife and I went to collect it on our first date.
Here Is The Corn also features this pump organ.

As our sound evolves through touring and home playing we are driven to capture it. For example: Teigngrace, the opening track, hopefully captures what we call ‘intro’. Intro is always the first thing written on our live set lists. It’s a kind of warm up, make sure everything works kind of track. It’s also, sometimes, widely different from night to night. When we find something that works live we try and record it as soon as we can. Often planning the recording sessions on long drives.

Teigngrace, the opening track, is a small village in Devon. We sometimes use their hall, which is an old Victorian chapel/schoolroom, to make recordings in. Recordings that require more space than the shed studio offers.